SPLASH AgentSea was created to change the way media is produced and consumed in the marine industry.

We believe businesses of all sizes in the industry have the right to be excited about building a strong digital presence in a media-focused, content-driven world.



Written content available in a variety of formats, including blog posts, website copy, email newsletters, internal communications packs, and more.


A combination of short-form and long-form video designed to share your business story, highlight products and services, event coverage, internal training/HR, and more.


Create a custom digital media package for your marine business


We love the marine world - it’s how we live and what we do.
We also love to create - it’s who we are and what we believe in.
In between the merging of these two passions is where the magic lives, and we impart that spirit into everything we make. 

We think deeply about what sort of content will work the hardest for your business and believe creating content that doesn't make an impact is a waste of time.