Finding Your Digital Voice

Authenticity. Transparency. Brand Identity. The latest buzzwords in the digital marketing realm all revolve around one common theme: people want to know who (not what) your business is. Who is driving the business? What do they believe in? What motivates and inspires them? What value do they offer to the consumer, to the world?

In the 2017 Consumer Content Report from Stackla, 86% of consumers reported that authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support. However, more than half (57 percent) of consumers think that fewer than half of brands create authentic content. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a shortcut to developing the business voice. A company logo is not a voice. An advertisement is not a voice. Businesses are made up of people – not robots. And as humans, we like other humans! We crave stories, personalities, and relationships. 

In our writing and video creation process we are constantly changing, re-editing, and fixing what we’ve done. Questions we often ask ourselves:

Is this interesting? 
Is this watchable?
If I didn’t know this business/topic, would this video inspire me to find out more?
Does this sound like me?
Did I simply create more ‘noise’?
Could this website/article/video have been easily duplicated by anyone else?
Am I making this because I think I should, or because I really believe in it?

These are difficult questions. As part of our marketing strategy we created a document to identify the mission, values, and personality of our brand. These key concepts help us stay the course when we feel like we’re producing generic (read: boring) work. Our uniqueness is the driver for our voice and we believe our content should reflect that. 

The digital world is meant to be fun. It’s fast-paced, always changing, and loaded with content on every subject imaginable. And luckily, the marine industry is also exciting! If you combine them – and do it well - you’ll have a recipe for success. Between the union of these two spaces is where we’re carving our voice.