Hello, (Marine) World

Thanks for stopping by! Before we start our blogging excursion, I thought I’d start the conversation by introducing myself and SPLASH. I should warn you that I won’t be giving away any big secrets just yet. Those will come in some later posts. 

Why the Marine Industry?

We set out with a specific goal in mind: to change the way media is produced and consumed in the marine industry. 

One of our favorite aspects of the marine industry is that it still relies on established old traditions even as it improves technologies over time. But even with its advancements, we still see a large gap in the digital space. 

Likely stemming from our passion and excitement for all things marine, we want these businesses and organizations to show us who they are – and do it in a way that’s captivating and engaging, showcasing everything we love about the industry. 

We know this is tricky. It’s a huge ask. Not only is it overwhelming to keep on top of the digital trends, but there’s also the significant amount of time and energy (and people) needed to create and distribute quality content. 

Another one of our favorite traits about the industry? The relationships. The interconnectedness, as large and complex as it is, frequently reminds us it really is a small world after all. Our connection to the marine world – it’s people, places, goods, services, and so on – is what drives our decisions here at SPLASH. It’s ultimately why we strive to help others in the industry share their stories with the world. 

The Future

As we move forward in our journey, we intend to use our blog as a space to share the information and ideas we learn along the way. Hopefully you might find some value (and entertainment!) in the posts – whether you are a business owner, employee, ocean lover, media consumer, or a human being in general.

We are a curious pair and always welcome questions, comments, and discussions. If we have an opportunity to dig around and learn something new, then we are happy campers boaters. If that also gives us a chance to share something new with others, well, that’s what we love to do and why we are here!