Marine business is a feeling


Look, listen, FEEL

Think back to the last time you saw a beautiful sailing yacht reaching along under spinnaker, what did you feel? What about when you see a massive container ship moving steadily through the port, what feeling? And what about when you got caught up watching someone surf the perfect wave, or execute huge air wake-boarding, what feeling then? Certainly you will have experienced different feelings for all these thought experiments, the point is, you FEEL… The wonder of looking at a beautiful yacht, the sense of awe when watching a container ship, the excitement of watching surfing or other board sports, all of these feelings are incredibly powerful, they are part of being human, they are difficult to control, and they compel us to form opinions and relationships without our really understanding why.

So then, let’s just say the way customers/clients feel about marine industry products or services is EVERYTHING!

Can you FEEL it?

Feelings come from a part of the brain that cannot learn/process language, so, communicating to this part of the brain isn’t simple. We can't just expect people to read/listen/watch our message and begin to feel and connect to our brand. We have to use combinations of communication mediums.

We have to leverage storytelling.

We have to listen.

We have to engage.

We have to work hard to create a feeling!