Video Marketing: Are you telling a story, or just selling?

2018 has been The Year of the Story in the digital marketing world. Businesses are moving away from the traditional in-your-face marketing techniques that are easily lost in the sea of digital noise. The only way to differentiate your message in a saturated space is to capture the audience’s attention. To do this effectively, we return to the universal language that we humans have been using since the beginning of time: storytelling.   

How do you know if you are telling a story or simply advertising? 

An advertisement is:



A story is:


…A story incites an emotional response!

The exciting power of stories is how they can be used to convey a practical message about a product, service, or company in a way that connects the audience emotionally to it. Digital media – especially video – is a fantastic medium to share your marketing message in a way that resonates with your audience. Video has quickly become a popular and powerful marketing tool, with over 81% of businesses reported using video in 2018, and that number is projected to increase as we head into 2019.

But with all of this video comes great responsibility. With so many businesses now incorporating a video strategy, it’s even more important to craft an actual story. You are competing for the attention and interest of your audience in a crowded online space, so the content representing your business should stand out. Standing out doesn’t require the biggest budget, fanciest production company, or perfect design, lighting, props, actors, etc. The point of difference between whether a video will matter in the midst of all the noise is the story that is (or isn’t) being told.

The marine industry is bursting with unique stories waiting to be told. Those stories – of the people, the places, the businesses – can be shared not just through video but using all forms of digital media (photos, blogs, social networking, and so on). We’re excited to see how storytelling continues to grow and evolve in the world of digital media marketing.