We specialize in producing two forms of digital media for the marine industry:



  • Long-form video - 1 to 3 minutes in length; perfect for telling your business story, highlighting products and services, or internal training/HR.

  • Short-form - up to 30 seconds in length; ideal for brief business stories, events, announcements, short promos.



  • Blog posts, website copy, email newsletters, internal communications packs, and more.


Sierra Echo Alpha

Choose your strategy

Having a strong digital presence is about being persistent, authentic, relevant, innovative, entertaining, inspiring, interesting, consistent, informative, engaging, timely... 

You already know this, but you're too busy in your business to create enough rich content that ticks all the boxes. You already have your company blog or YouTube channel activated but can't quite carve out enough time to populate those spaces effectively.

We got you!



Sierra is perfect if you want to test the digital waters.

If it's video you need, we will work with you over a three month period to produce three (one long-form and two short-form) videos that encapsulate our vision of what videos for the marine industry should be; fresh, bold, and authentic. 

The Sierra Video package is $1,900 per month.

AGENTSEA Sierra Pack Graphic.png

If you want to reach your audience with editorial content we will work with you over a three month period to produce visually-rich, entertaining, inspiring, and informative editorial content. Sierra Editorial includes six pieces of editorial content. Sierra Editorial can also be used for effectively circulating your organization's ideas, values, or rules and regulations internally.

The Sierra editorial package is $700 per month.

AGENTSEA Sierra Pack E Graphic.png


Echo will strengthen your existing digital presence.

Echo Video includes two long-form videos and four short-form videos produced and delivered over a six month period. We work together with you to produce your channel trailer, customer success story, safety training video, product promo, stakeholder Q&A session, social media video. You choose how you leverage Echo Video!

The Echo Video package is $1,600 per month.

AGENTSEA Echo Pack Graphic.png

Echo Editorial includes twelve pieces of editorial over a six month period. This constant stream of rich content, when deployed properly, can have a multiple benefits for your business. Readers will turn to you when they need information, inspiration, or entertainment about your speciality, and search algorithms will reward your consistency with improved search rankings.

The Echo Editorial package is $600 per month.

AGENTSEA Echo Pack E Graphic.png


Alpha is our premier product, designed for businesses who want to own their digital space.

Alpha Video is twelve unique videos (four long-form and eight short-form) produced and delivered over twelve months. A twelve month subscription means that we have a chance to really get to understand who your business is and what your audience wants to see. If you are using video for internal communications or training, Alpha Video provides an ongoing solution to the ever-changing needs of your business.

AGENTSEA Alpha Pack Graphic.png

The Alpha Video package is $1,300 per month.

Alpha Editorial is the penultimate editorial package for your business; twenty-four editorial pieces delivered over twelve months. Alpha Editorial allows you to plan a whole year of blog posts, or email newsletters, or social media editorials, or internal communications, or... whatever you desire!

The Alpha Editorial package is $500 per month. 

AGENTSEA Alpha Pack E Graphic.png